Monday, November 14, 2011

STOP washing your hair? PLUS other money-saving tips I love.

So I want to stop washing my hair. 
My beautiful BLONDE friend Becca White inspired me and told me how to do it.
The reason I emphasized blonde is because it's that blonde hair that tends to look 'greasy' more readily, and her hair is a delight.

This is exactly what your hair will look like after you STOP washing it;)  Just kidding.  Looks like she may have used a truckload of spray there...
Here's Becca's recipe:

Mix baking soda & water and apply to roots & scalp (I use those condiment bottles from the dollar store to apply the baking soda mixture b/c the pointed tips make it really easy). Leave baking soda-water mixture on scalp a few minutes then give yourself a scalp massage to stimulate blood flow. Rinse.

After rinsing, apply Apple Cider Vinegar to hair, massage scalp & rinse. Viola!
Vinegar mixture is just 1 part organic apple cider vinegar with the mother & 3 parts water.

It will take a few washes to get your scalp adjusted to new routine but dry shampoo & patience help ;) Eventually you'll be washing less & less often.

Sounds easy!
Now, I don't have any 'dry shampoo' and am going to just go for this without that.
Wish me luck.

Also, to save more money:
-use bars of soap (otherwise you're paying for the water and packaging as well as using a non-biodegradable petroleum-based container)
-make your own liquid soap for easy sink-side hand and face washing (I re-use a hand soap dispenser and add water to my Dr. Bronners, 1/2 and 1/2 mixture)
-add baking soda to your washing machine when washing clothes and use half the detergent; baking soda is  a soap booster
-then line dry your clothes
-make your own  household cleaners using: Vinegar, baking soda, Hydrogen peroxide, and borax.

Some mo great blogs about not washing your hair and its results:

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