Monday, April 11, 2011

Grecian Bookstore Oasis perched on the edge of ze world!

Years ago I travelled to Greece and stumbled upon Atlantis Bookstore, seemingly on the edge of the world.  The bookstore was on Santorini, one of the Cyclades Greek Isles.  Well, I meant to look for a place to sleep for the night, but ended up staying on and on... reading and gazing at the sunset, pretty much the most incredible sunset, sheeeesh!
I had to share this incredible place, with this lovely video below that I hope inspires us all to
whatever word kicks you in the gut
just go!

I added a few pics and of course, added the location (j'adore geography) and how this crazy amazing caldera of a oasis was formed (j'adore geology) and a necklace I made that is inspired by the lava rock of  many isles everywhere...


The necklace:

Merci Bien!

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