Monday, April 4, 2011

Local Food and Community Supported Agriculture

Local Food is the answer.
I've spent years teaching this; if we ate local many of our 'modern' woes would vanish.
Recently, Earthshare Gardens, a CSA I helped start, had a fundraiser!  CSA is: Community Supported Agriculture, basically local subscription farming.
Well, I wanted to share a piece I donated for the auction, as well as add that: Spring is here, buy a share from your local CSA!  If you've never considered it, all the more reason to try, you'll save time, money, gas, money, and your health.  yum.
Plus, the more people supporting the "Creative Class" (Google this, it is a great argument presented by Richard Florida) means you're helping out your area, both economically and culturally.  And farmers and arts markets are breeding grounds for those who support the Creative Class.
My piece below has bits of local alligator skin and was inspired by garden rain.
Merci bien!

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